Article by: RobRed

Applicable Models: 1998 – 2007 / 100 Series Land Cruiser

Tools Needed: Philips Screwdriver

As we know the variants of the 100 series vehicles are, for the most part, the same. Here in the USA Toyota gave the Lexus variant (LX470) some features not in the Land Cruiser. One such feature are cabin air filters. The filters are located at the output of the main climate blower are designed to filter particulates like pollen and dust. Why Toyota would think this should be a “up sell” feature of the Lexus is kinda dumb. Fortunately because of the sameness of the systems we can correct this over sight.

In many Land Cruisers this is a simple as purchasing the pair of filters (88568-60010 x2) and installing them. On other Land Cruisers it’s a bit more involved but nothing you can’t handle.

First we will need to inspect your cabin filter location to assess your situation.

Remove the Glove Compartment

  1. Remove the two screws and lift the door out.
  2. Remove Lower No. 2 Finish Panel

Inspect your A/C Evaporator case. It’s the big black structure located to the left of the ECU (bright silver box labeled engine control).

On the face of this structure you will notice a small black box mounted with a white connector coming out of it. That’s the power antenna relay controller. Between the power antenna relay and the ECU, on the face of the evaporator, is an access door (Cooler Cover No. 2). The door runs from the top of the face to the bottom of the face of the evaporator structure. There are two tabs, one top, one bottom, press them to release the access door and pull the door out. This is where the two filters slide in.

  1. Install filters, one by one, stacked side-by-side
  2. Replace access door
  3. Reinstall glove box

Enjoy Your new, cleaner air.

If you dont have the access door then you will need parts. 


Order these parts:

  • 88891-60050 No. 2 Cooler Cover (filter access door)
  • 88891-60040 No. 1 Cooler Cover
  • 88568-60010 (x2) Air Filters


  1. Remove power antenna relay
  2. Remove No. 1 Cooler Cover case screws (x7-8)
  3. Pull No. 1 Cooler Cover off
  4. Replace with new No. 1 Cooler Cover
  5. Replace No. 1 Cooler Cover case screws (x7-8)
  6. Reinstall power antenna relay
  7. Install filters, one by one, stacked side-by-side
  8. Replace No. 2 Cooler Cover (access door)
  9. Reinstall glove box

Enjoy Your new, cleaner air.