The TLCFAQ website and user forum is dedicated to the improvement and enjoyment of the Toyota Land Cruiser series vehicles, specifically IFS (independent front suspension) Cruisers. The vehicles include 100, 120, 150, 200 series encompassing Toyota Land Cruiser (100/200), 4th & 5th generation 4Runner, Lexus LX 470 & LX570, Lexus GX 470 & 460 and FJ Cruiser.

The goal of the website is to provide information related to accessories, maintenance and modification of these vehicles as well as socializing with like minded owners. We encourage participation and enjoy feedback on any topic. Land Cruiser enthusiasts of any model are welcome and encouraged to participate as are any like minded adventure and off road fans.

Though there are several good and active Land Cruiser related forums available on the Internet such as iH8MUD and ExpeditionPortal, I think the IFS series vehicles deserve a dedicated site with specific help and information for these great vehicles. Forums have been added providing a place for your comments about articles, suggestions for future projects and interacting with other members. Please register so you can access all of the technical content and features and I hope you’ll add this forum to your online social graph and help us build a solid Land Cruiser series community.