Dramatic in Death Valley. Photo by: @life.to.the.max – Dramatic Edit: RobRed #RobRedDV2016

Welcome to TLC FAQ.

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TLCFAQ was created as a repository for my interests in Toyota vehicles and includes all the IFS model Land Cruisers. These vehicles include 100, 120, 150, 200 series encompassing Toyota Land Cruiser (100/200), 4th & 5th generation 4Runner, Lexus LX 470 & LX570, Lexus GX 470 & 460 and FJ Cruiser.

TLCFAQ is an uncluttered environment free from advertising and I value and encourage your participation to grow our knowledge base together. The scope of this blog includes sub-forums in the Tech Info Library for each vehicle series and sub forums for discussions. I hope you can contribute to the knowledge base and will chime in from time to time.